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Office Exercise Kit

Simple, effective strength & flexibility program
performed at your desk
using exercise/resistance bands

Look and feel better with exercises and stretches you can do without leaving your office chair that will help:

sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) Improve your overall body composition (decrease body fat and increase lean body mass)
sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes)
Reduce muscle tension, aches and pain in your back, neck and shoulders
sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes)
Improve your posture and correct muscle imbalances
sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) Increase your mental energy and concentration

Strengthen Weak Muscles
Stretch Tight Muscles

The Office Exercise Kit is available in 2 versions: Fit-tube (tubing with handles) and Therapy Band (flat band)

Fit-Tube Office Exercise Kit

Therapy Band Office Exercise Kit

Office Exercise Booklet





sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes)  35-page Office Exercise Booklet
sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) choice of 1-2  fit-tubes
sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) carry bag (12" x 12" cotton bag with Velcro closure)

Sample Office Exercises


1 Fit-Tube Office Exercise Kit
Save $4 on 2, $12 on 3
(discount applied in shopping cart). Volume Pricing


light $18.45
medium $18.95
heavy $19.45
extra-heavy $19.95

resistance level guidelines

You might consider getting 2 fit-tubes since smaller muscles (e.g. back of shoulder, rotator cuff) require less resistance and larger muscles (chest, legs) require more resistance,  However, if you decide to get only 1 fit-tube, keep in mind you cannot adjust the resistance to make it easier, but you can adjust it somewhat to make it harder.

2 Fit-Tubes Office Exercise Kit
Save $6 on 2, $14 on 3  
(discount applied in shopping cart). 

light/medium $24.95
medium/heavy $25.95
heavy/extra-heavy $26.95

resistance level guidelines





sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) 35-page Office Exercise Booklet 
sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) choice of 2-3
therapy bands
sm_blue_oval.gif (76 bytes) carry bag (12" x 12" cotton bag with Velcro closure)

Sample Office Exercises


Save $4 on 2, $12 on 3, and $25 on 5 (discount applied in shopping cart)   Volume Pricing

light/medium (women) $18.95
medium/heavy (men) $19.45


Office Exercise Band Booklet  -  35-pages containing:

 - Basic Strength-Training Program with 10 exercises to train all the major muscle groups - abs, low back, buttocks, thighs, chest, mid-back, shoulders and arms. Includes suggestions for fitting the program into your work schedule.

 - Mini-Break Program to counteract the effects of prolonged sitting at a computer. Each mini-break lasts only a few minutes and contains a 30-second warm-up, a stretch for a tight muscle group, and an exercise for a weak muscle group.

  - Strength-training and stretching guidelines to ensure training safely and effectively, additional exercises to add variety to the program, and a training chart to log exercises and track progress.       

Sample Office Exercises

NOTE: Booklet available in 2 versions based on exercise band preference--Therapy Band (flat band) or Fit-tube (tubing with handles)



2 versions --Fit-tube (tubing with handles) or Therapy Band (flat band)


$7.95  Save $2 on 2, $4.50 on 3, $10 on 5  (discount applied in shopping cart).  Volume Pricing





Individual Fit-tube:
Light - women needing less resistance
Medium - women
Heavy -  men
Extra-heavy - strong men

2 Fit-tubes:
Light/Medium  - women 
Medium/Heavy -  men
Heavy/Extra-heavy - strong men 




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