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Abdominal Exercises Ė
 Effective Ab-Toning DVD

10% discount on 2nd abdominal exercise DVD

No gimmicks or gadgets, just abdominal exercise programs based on proven training methods. We personally review ab videos and DVDs, selecting only those which are safe, effective, easy to follow and enjoyable to watch. 

The quest for a trim waist keeps the ab equipment industry booming. Unfortunately, many abdominal exercise gadgets are ineffective and some are unsafe. Don't believe ANY abdominal toning equipment advertisement that promises to decrease fat around your waistline. Ab exercises will tone your abdominal muscles, but you will have the same layer of fat sitting on top of the ab muscles unless you create a calorie deficit (burn more calories than you consume).  

As research has shown, gadgets arenít needed to effectively train the abdominal muscles. Aside from the exercise ball, most abdominal exercise devices donít work the abs as well as a simple ab workout performed on a mat. 

Swiss Ball Abs - DVD - $19.95 - 60 minutes. 

Effectively targets abs by utilizing a comprehensive and efficient 3-phase progression to condition the entire mid-section. Train abs (and back) safely through their full range of motion. 


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