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Exercise Band Book

Exercise Band Book – 50 resistance band exercises with photos and easy-to-follow instructions. For use with a door/rail attachment and a variety of exercise bands (excluding therapy band), however the 2 recommended bands are the fit-tube and clip-tube, also available in a discounted exercise band kit.

This 96-page Exercise Band Book includes: 

- strength-training essentials & guidelines
- exercise band instructions
- basic strength-training program
- intermediate program guidelines
- 50 exercises categorized by muscle groups 

Exercise Band Book - $12.95

For the novice trainer, the Exercise Band Book provides a simple, 10-exercise strength-training program targeting all the major muscle groups. Also included are brief explanations on how strength-training works, how it’s done, and tips on maximizing progress. 

The experienced strength trainer can easily design a custom program from the large exercise selection provided. By using a door or rail strap with an exercise band, many exercises can be performed that mimic gym-machine exercises. Also included is a section on training for power, hypertrophy (muscle size) and muscular endurance. 

In addition, the Exercise Band Book includes training charts, a program that can be performed at a desk, and a pullout chart for this program. 

 List of Exercises/Sample Exercises


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