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Stretch Strap/Handle & Stretching Kit   $2.95 to ship 1 stretching strap or handle

Stretching Strap  - $9.95

dynamic stretching strap $9.95
for lower-body stretches


Stretching Handle  -  $9.95

stretching handle - $7.95
for upper-body stretches


Stretching Kit  $19.95
includes carry bag & FREE shipping

stretching kit

Stretch Kit for total-body program   $19.95 includes FREE shipping


- Stretching Strap w/Loops
Stretching Handle

- Cotton Carry Bag
2 instruction sheets

FREE shipping (First Class Mail) - delivered in aprox. 3 business days

Dynamic Stretching Strap   $9.95     volume discounts

6-ft. stretch strap with 8 elastic loops & stretching instruction sheet

Safer and more effective than static stretching. Stretches are performed with elastic loops that "give" slightly, or the firm nylon webbing side which doesn't give. Includes stretches for low back, hamstrings, calves, quads, inner & outer thigh.


Stretching Handle $9.95   volume discounts

Padded handle with built-in door attachment & stretching instruction sheet 

Easy and effective way to stretch muscles commonly sore and tight--chest, shoulders, upper back and rotator cuff
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Discounts on TOTAL ordered regardless of type1
  1 2 6 12 24 50 100 250 500
 Stretching Strap OR $9.95 $8.95 $7.50 $6.75 $6.25 $5.75 $5.25 $5.00 $4.75
 Stretching Handle                  
1order 8 stretching straps & 4 stretching handles to get the12 item discount ($6.75 each)


Dynamic Stretching Instruction Sheet
2-sided stretch guide with photos and instructions for 7 stretches for the calves, hamstrings, quads, inner thigh, outer thigh, low back and triceps.

Stretching Handle Instruction Sheet
2-sided stretch guide with photos and instructions for 7 stretches for the chest, shoulders, rotator cuff and back. 

How the Stretching Handle Works
A fixed anchor point is needed for a muscle to lengthen, and therefore stretch. These are easily created for lower-body muscles, but not for upper body muscles. By using a door as an anchor point, the stretching handle targets areas normally difficult to stretch.


Door Attachment for Stretching Handle

stretching handle - door attachmentThe door attachment is a sturdy nylon webbing strap with a safety stop on the end that inserts through the hinged side of a door. This creates a secure anchor for stretching. Standard interior doors will work and the attachment will not damage the door in any way. 


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